Find Nordic business opportunities in an easy and flexible way


Hajime Solutions is a Nordic management consulting firm. We provide our Japanese clients with valuable insight of business opportunities in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Our unique approach is based on a rare combination of deep technology understanding, sales experience as well as culture and language knowledge.

Technology understanding

We understand our clients’ technology and its unique benefits to potential Nordic customers.

Sales experience

We know how to sell technology solutions with care to help solve Nordic customers’ problems.

Local know-how

We know both the Nordic and Japanese way and build mutual understanding for high customer satisfaction.


The mission of Hajime Solutions is to help our clients to succeed in business. Hajime Solutions has strong networks within Nordic companies in manufacturing and consumer business, among others in consumer and industrial electronics, IoT, automotive, healthcare and medical industries. Since 2015, we have a record of bringing Nordic business opportunities worth more than 25 billion Japanese yen to our clients. We are ready to help you to succeed in the Nordics, too! 

Emma Tullila MSc in Eng, Consultant, Founder of Hajime Solutions