Cultivating talented, motivated professionals


Hajime Solutions’ team consists of hand-picked, highly talented and motivated professionals that provide insight and systematically look for new Nordic business opportunities for Japanese customers. Our working is based on agile methods and we evaluate and develop our practices continuously.

If you have sales experience, an interest in Japanese culture, are skilled at languages and have an engineers’ solution-oriented mindset you might fit right in at Hajime Solutions! Send us your resume to

Our values

Focus on solutions

At Hajime we respect each other and our clients. We value each other’s time by being straightforward and honest – but always constructive – in our feedback. We focus on solutions, not problems.

Always evolving

We challenge ourselves, each other and our customers. We are constantly learning and evolving, but also creating opportunities for others to learn. Working with us is guaranteed to widen your perspective.


We are proud to represent our Clients with high-end technology solutions, and we also want to be known for the high quality of our work.


At Hajime we want to do our part in making the future better for us all and we choose to work with clients who share the same values. We want to be a good company for society and our employees.

I’ve always had an interest in the Japanese language and society, but hadn’t yet figured out how to combine my interest with a career. At Hajime Solutions I get to work with Japanese clients but in a Nordic workplace culture. Hajime Solutions has offered me an active and uniquely flexible work environment where I get the opportunity to affect my schedule and my work assignments. The challenging and varied nature of my tasks support my personal and professional development.

Iris, Junior Consultant at Hajime Solutions