Business in Japan and the Nordics
– towards mutual benefit

Hajime Solutions is a Finnish management consulting company with a mission to bring Japanese and Nordic companies closer together. We are proud to represent hand-picked Japanese high-tech companies that don’t yet have a presence in the Nordics. We work closely with these companies to connect them with Nordic companies and brands to find a mutually beneficial relationship. We are involved in all stages of product development from early concepting to production, facilitating smooth communication and win-win outcomes. We transform business in Japan to business in the Nordics, too.

Our unique approach is based on a rare combination of deep technology understanding, sales expertise as well as culture and language know-how. We also support our Japanese clients in new technology scouting in the Nordics. Contact us for more information.

Our services for Nordic companies

Interested in integrating Japan into your business model? Our approach to promote Nordic expertise to Japanese companies is based on conceptualizing “Nordic-ness” into your service/product. Image-selling and cultural understanding are our central features; we do not promote just any technology but Nordic technology. We have a deep understanding of the image the Japanese have of Nordic countries; of what they expect to see and hear from Nordic companies. We utilize this Nordic image in the sales process, integrating both deep technological knowhow and cultural factors.

Business and technology consultant Emma Tullila who knows both Japan and the Nordics

Our business-minded team that understands both Nordic and Japanese cultures and languages will bring you a distinctive competitive edge unlike any other.

Emma Tullila


Japanese cutting edge components

We find and introduce advanced components and technologies from Japan to bring technical advantage to Nordic companies. We ensure that cooperation goes smoothly from early concepting to ramp up by supporting communication and negotiations.


Promoting Nordic know-how in Japan

We start discussions with Japanese target companies to build trust and open up the floor to Nordic companies’ experts. Our specialists conduct everything from lead search to first contacts and follow-ups, and assist with introductory meetings in Japanese.


Japan specialists at your service

If you wish to deepen your understanding of Japanese business environment, our specialists are happy to provide your company with insight on both Japanese culture in general and business culture in particular. We also help you tailor your promotion material to fit the Japanese market.

Service Merits

Cultural understanding

We are deeply entrenched in both Nordic and Japanese business cultures with an extensive understanding of the languages of both business areas.


Hajime Solutions employs agile methods in order to be able to answer to your needs as fast as possible.


We have a vast experience of working in B2B sales and are proud to deliver high quality service that is of value to both our client and their customers.

Easy and smooth communication

We strive to make communication easy and accessible, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hajime Solutions acquires information about conducting business in Japan.

Doing our part

Hajime solutions believes in working for a better future. Please see a short summary of our efforts and commitments below. We are honored to say that even as a small company, we take our social responsibility seriously and wish to develop these guidelines further in the forthcoming years. We acknowledge that there are limitations to what small companies can achieve in terms of wide-spread corporate responsibility, but we are happy to do what is in our power when it comes to creating sustainable business opportunities for both ourselves and our clients.

Company Profile


Name Hajime Solutions Oy
Address PL119, 02201 Espoo, Finland
Founded 2015
Founder and President Emma Tullila
Business Outline A management consulting firm helping Japanese high tech companies find profitable business opportunities in the Nordics in an easy and flexible way.
Contact email
Hajime Solutions is a rare contribution to business in these days. Working directly with manufacturing factories, representative services are generally considered unnecessary. This is not valid with Hajime Solutions. They really brought value to very tough negotiations bringing customer and manufacturer close to each others. Really appreciated.

Senior Sourcing Manager in a Nordic consumer electronics company with global presence