Bringing Japan and the Nordics closer together

Consultant for Japanese High-Tech Companies

Hajime Solutions is a Nordic management consulting firm. We provide our Japanese clients with valuable insight of business opportunities in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Our unique approach is based on a rare combination of deep technology understanding, sales experience as well as culture and language knowledge. We are proud to represent high quality, high tech companies. Contact us for more information.


Sales Solutions

We support our client’s expansion of their sales activities to the Nordic area. We are involved in all stages from introduction to ramp up, facilitating smooth communication and win-win outcomes.


Nordic Expert services

We find the right match for our client from our pool of skilled Nordic experts in fields of Nordic excellence such as sustainability, circular economy, remote work, e-education, social welfare etc.


Getting Nordic Insight

Japanese client’s organization wanted to increase their activities regarding sustainability and the circular economy, and they wanted to get new ideas from the Nordics. Hajime Solutions made a study emphasizing opportunities and threats related to the client’s business that the client could use in their internal decision making.


Scouting Nordic Technology

Japanese client was looking for new technologies to support their current capabilities. Hajime Solutions introduced the client to several Nordic startups and established companies and participated in partnership discussions to ensure smooth communication and a win-win-situation for both parties.


Local Account Management

When our client was looking to establish a supplier relationship with a Nordic customer, Hajime Solutions’ consultant joined F2F negotiations and technical review meetings and worked as a local language communications bridge between the parties. As a result, our client was awarded with their first project and discussion about the next project started.

Service Merits

Local contact

Bypass cultural, time zone and other differences with a local contact in the Nordics.


Hajime Solutions employs agile methods in order to be able to answer to your needs as fast as possible.


We have a long experience of working in B2B sales and are proud to deliver high quality service that is of value to both our client and their customers.

Easy and smooth communication

We strive to make communication easy and accessible, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Company Profile


Name Hajime Solutions Oy
Address PL119, 02201 Espoo, Finland
Founded 2015
Founder and President Emma Tullila
Business Outline A management consulting firm helping Japanese high tech companies find profitable business opportunities in the Nordics in an easy and flexible way.
Contact email
Hajime Solutions is a rare contribution to business in these days. Working directly with manufacturing factories, representative services are generally considered unnecessary. This is not valid with Hajime Solutions. They really brought value to very tough negotiations bringing customer and manufacturer close to each others. Really appreciated.

Senior Sourcing Manager in a Nordic consumer electronics company with global presence