Your partner in the Nordics


Hajime Solutions offers a multi-stage model to enable flexible service for our clients’ changing needs.

Understand the market 

We get to know your technology and help you to understand its market potential in the Nordics.

Hear the voice of customer 

We recognize and meet with decision makers of your potential Nordic customers and give you their feedback.

Get new business opportunities

We introduce potential business cases to your company and support you in meetings and negotiations.

Build profitable relationships 

We help you build long-term and mutually profitable relationships with Nordic customers by local presence and knowledge. 


Would you like to know more about business opportunities with Nordic companies, but don’t have enough human resources to spare? Then our Nordic Kickstart could be a perfect solution for you!

During the time period of 4 months, our professionals will get to know your technology and its unique selling points, find three matching Nordic customers based on your request and meet with their decision makers to introduce your technology. 

You don’t need to know anything about the Nordic market or potential customers beforehand. We can help you to find out which customers would be most relevant for you. 

Contact us to hear how Hajime Nordic Kickstart could help expand your business.

As a result of Hajime Nordic Kickstart, you will get:

  • Product-market fit report
  • Your ideal Nordic customer profile
  • 3 selected companies met with and their feedback
  • Recommendation for future activities



Quickly find out your business potential

Start finding new business opportunities in just a few months.

Low fixed cost

No need to hire local staff or send Sales Managers to meet with potential customers in early phase.


Easy to scale up or down our activities matching your company’s changing needs.

Easy and low risk

Everything included in fixed price (Nordic Kickstart) or monthly fee, also travel expenses.

Hajime Solutions is a rare contribution to business in these days. Working directly with manufacturing factories, representative services are generally considered unnecessary. This is not valid with Hajime Solutions. They really brought value to very tough negotiations bringing customer and manufacturer close to each others. Really appreciated.

Senior Sourcing Manager in a Nordic consumer electronics company with global presence